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New Product Development and Innovation Management Solutions

Rapid Invention provides practical approaches for making your business, innovation and new product development processes more agile, adaptive and competitive

To become truly competitive in business today, learning faster than your competition needs to become second nature to you.  Only then can your business become infinitely adaptive instead of remaining reactive to the moves of your competitors.

“The only competitive advantage is learning faster than your competition”  Ari de Geus:  Harvard Business Review April/May 1988

Using our information, training and software tools you will learn how to systematically and consistently:

  • Become more agile in your new product development and commercialization processes.
  • Outpace your competitors in terms of speed to market of your products and services.
  • Increase your profit by developing products and services that your customers will love.
  • Turn your customers from just being shoppers into lifetime disciples.
  • Become more effective in strategic and tactical planning and in strategy implementation.
  • Finish your projects on time and on budget.
  • Develop your business into an innovative learning organization.
  • Ensure that your employees prefer to work for you than for your competition.
  • Use your time more effectively on matters that count.

We provide you with the necessary principles, systems, tools and simple rules and heuristics so you can achieve tangible outcomes fast.  Our tools and training materials focus on helping you gain experience by doing, rather than through just acquiring theoretical knowledge.