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About Us


To raise the capabilities of small and medium enterprises in managing their complex innovation projects, so they can become more competitive and substantially increase their profits.


  • To produce outstanding products, services and support materials that address our customers’ core innovation management problems and needs and exceed their expectations.
  • To ensure that our products and services help raise the capabilities of our customers so that they can learn and apply their knowledge faster than their competition.
  • To develop solutions that are practical and based on sound theory.

Core Values

  • We only produce products and services that will increase the capability of our customers and contribute to society’s wealth.
  • We help our customers create new value and profit through our products and services.
  • We have a culture of creativity, learning, and teamwork that respects the individuality of people and optimizes the performance of the team and the organization.
  • We focus on long-term growth while sustaining highest performance.
  • We constantly improve our processes and skills.


To provide services and build information products and associated software tools that enable customers to raise their capabilities, their business performance and their ability to grow their business through new product and service development.

Who we are

Rapid Invention is the trading name and training arm of Project DSM Pty Ltd, a privately owned company based in Australia.

The founding directors of Project DSM have practical experience in new product development and business management in innovation focused businesses.  Industries span software development, biomedical devices, health services, agriculture and financial and business services.

Elke Scheurmann, Dr med vet, has a background in veterinary science, research management, consulting and small business.  She has expertise in New Product Development (NPD), commercialization, innovation and marketing, gained from training with leading international experts.  She has been an examiner for the CPA program (strategy and leadership) of DeakinPrime and a coach and examiner for the Mount Eliza Executive MBA Program and an Associate of the Melbourne Consulting and Custom Programs at the University of Melbourne.  She has a been involved in the development of training courses for several organizations and she has founded a number of start-up companies and run a profitable consulting business for many years.

Mark Irving, B.Sc PhD in Physics, after starting his career in Orica, has been developing software systems for industry, both large companies and SMEs for over twenty years. The market segments include mining, exploration, clinical medical, and engineering and government applications. In recent years his work has increasingly concentrated on business software systems for innovation processes, project management, planning and portfolio management. He has built on many years of success in developing user-friendly software for managing highly complex processes and system architectures and has developed complexity management software for innovation, planning and management.

Tim Beattie, B.Sc (Hons) in Physics, has worked for nine years in a commercial research and development roles with a number of patents and new products to his name. Since that time he has run a consultancy business for 7 years prior to starting a software development company. As innovation management consultant he helped companies develop processes and procedures as well as working with them as a project manager. He has been instrumental in developing innovation management software systems together with Mark Irving based on the techniques and tools that he has put into practice in his working life and working with industrial clients.