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Innovation tools

One of the most powerful tools in the hand of innovators is the dependency structure method (DSM), also called design structure matrix method.  We use it extensively to optimize client projects for reducing unnecessary complexity in product and process architectures.

To bring your team quickly up to speed in the application of DSM to various innovation issues we use DSMmatrix as a training tool.  Once they have achieved a basic understanding of DSM we utilise other more targeted DSM tools, depending on the specifics of the issue at hand.

For example, using the Design Structure Matrix method based ProjectDSM tool for project planning allows you to identify up front hidden project risks that, if not addressed and flagged for attention, will lead to avoidable cost and schedule overrun. The tool is also very useful for the targeted planning of minimum viable product (MVP) prototyping.

For specific new product development project problems related to complexity other DSM tools are available such as Soley or, in the case of software architecture optimization, Lattix.

Other tools for product or project portfolio management and for calculating value,  payback time and time to profit for new product development projects are available to our clients.  These range from small heuristics and templates to sophisticated and customized software.

But, before we use DSM tools to help us with scheduling an innovation project, we apply other tools to ensure we identify customer requirements correctly (Voice of the Customer tools and processes) and idea generation tools to help our clients to develop products and services that will be not only accepted in the market but become market leaders.