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ProjectDSM software for planning projects and reducing project risks and rework

Design structure matrix (DSM) modeling, also called Dependency Structure Modeling, is one of the most significant additions to the project manager’s toolbox in many years.  Traditional tools have only exposed approximately 50% of the total dependencies/interactions within projects, missing almost completely the domain where greatest risks reside.  DSM’s ability to optimize projects for efficiency and effectiveness is unsurpassed, including excellent risk and contingency management in innovation projects.  Risk occurs where the necessary information inputs to start an activity are not available when needed, because they are only accessible when later tasks have been completed . The usual process is to substitute assumptions for the missing information inputs and move on.  Seldom are these assumptions qualified or quantified.  DSM exposes where these assumptions exist and their potential downstream impact due to unnecessary rework and iteration, should these assumptions be wrong.

Until very recently DSM has not been practical at the small to medium project level due to the lack of appropriate software tools to support it.

We are using ProjectDSM as our tool of choice in planning and managing our own and clients’ innovation projects and for analysing and designing products, systems, and business processes.

The software automatically develops a risk optimised project schedule with a Gantt chart that clearly identifies the project tasks that could be involved in potential project rework.

You are also able to identify the linchpin tasks of your projects that have the highest impact on project outcomes.

Download a free 14-day trial licence of the ProjectDSM software.

You can become familiar with this type of project planning through watching the support video tutorials of ProjectDSM.

If you have no experience with DSM methods you can also download a free copy of the training software DSM Matrix and play with it to become more familiar with the method.