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New Processes

Eliminate unnecessary waste in your new product development processes

Process and workflow inefficiencies lead to waste.  For example, waste due to poor requirements development at the beginning of a new product development project and ineffective risk identification and management is very common.  These two major causes of waste lead to cost overruns and project delays and ultimately to late market entry and low margins.

New product and service development requires the careful planning and  development of new processes as well as changes to existing processes. 

It is essential that processes (manufacturing, servicing, support in the market) be considered as early as possible during the project planning and design phases while design flexibility is still large.  Product design that delays process design until the manufacturing stage, or requires change in processes after market introduction, can doom your product or even your business to failure.

Tying product, service and process design together will help prevent unnecessary problems. 

Developing a new innovation process for your business is one example of new process development.  Our approach to innovation process development for your business is based on optimizing this process from end to end.  It applies lean principles of reducing time and cost wastage by helping you to develop the right products and expertly managing your own rapid product development process so that your products succeed in the market.  

Our tools for analyzing systemic aspects of process design will help you map end to end processes, identify where issues are likely to occur and help guide you through a systematic optimization process.