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Assumption management

In business and in innovation project management we often manage by myopia. We see only what we are used to seeing and focus on what we already know. But often up to 60% of the information we need to plan in innovation is invisible to us. 

This unseen information is the “unknown unknowns” that  we either cannot know yet, or we have made assumptions about outcomes that have not been verified yet.  In classical project management we often use a planning method that is useful for projects that are operating from the boilerplate of a previous project or experience.  We then work from the construct of the last project, whether that is relevant for the new project or not.  In innovation projects that is almost never the case. 

We need to look into our business ecosystem and find the “unknown unknowns”, turn them into unverified assumptions and make a conscious effort to verify them as early as possible so that we can keep track of them. 

Our training materials and tools will guide youthrough the process of turning unknowns into assumptions and then manage the assumptions to reduce the risk profile of your projects, activities and business initiatives.  This enables you to avoid funding projects that cannot reduce their risk profile over a reasonable time span.

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