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We are a lean innovation management consulting company in Melbourne, Australia, and we predominantly focus on Australian companies and companies in our neighbouring countries. Our philosophy in consulting is that we will come to you to help you to fix your own problems yourself. We will not come and do it for you without your close involvement.

We do not believe that giving you a report or an implementation plan will help you in the long run. We do not believe that having a consultant implement a solution and then disappear without your people having acquired the skills to continue is a good solution.

Our consulting services focus heavily on building competence and giving you the skills and tools for analyzing your own business and operational processes and teaching you how to modify these processes. It requires that your appropriate team members actively take part in the process and apply their new skills immediately on specific business problems.

The majority of our consulting covers processes relating to:

  • Lean innovation and new product and service development,
  • Inbound market and customer research,
  • Idea generation for design, development, prototyping, testing and manufacturing,
  • Business analysis and optimization,
  • Project and program planning and management including risk and complexity management,
  • Project portfolio management.
  • Dependency structure matrix (DSM) application in innovation, We are the only consulting and training providers in Australia and its neighbouring countries providing training in DSM.

Please enquire about our consulting process and fees by contacting us directly.