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Raising your own capabilities and also the skills of your employees is an absolute necessity in today’s business environment.

We provide the following training:

  • In-house courses  that can be delivered locally in your business to give your team skills in a specific topic  such as improving operational excellence, understanding and managing new product development, or on inbound marketing.  This includes both short courses and multi-modular and in-depth courses, for example on New Product Development, OODA in business, or project planning and management using specific tools.
  • Open courses for participants from a number of different organisations in a venue that supports the learning goals. In most cases, these courses are short courses.
  • Insourcing into your company of one of our innovation specialists for several weeks or even months to lead or support your innovation team in delivering  a specific project.  This provides consistency of training  and the systemic application of what is learned by your staff.  This ensures that once our innovation specialist leaves, the skills do not leave at the same time.

All our materials have been developed and are delivered by experts in their field. Specific courses may include software tools that have been developed to enable rapid implementation of skills learned.

Please contact us directly to discuss your training requirements.