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In-house courses

Our in-house courses are delivered to the people in your organization by one of our specialists in the topic of the course, typically on your premises or a venue of your choice. Courses will be customized  to enable your staff to apply what is learnt immediately in their area of work.

At typical course has a duration of one to three consecutive days and covers the topic in a number of modules.  The working examples used for training are usually organization specific and agreed in advance so specific course materials can be developed using these in-house examples.

Using the example material and the processes shown, at the end of the course the course participants will have gained a higher level of understanding and new skills so they can independently execute the required steps and add more value to their company.

It is our aim is to give you and your course participants the tools and confidence to work out what matters, to focus on what matters and getting things done without raising the stress levels.

Courses will be followed up with webinars and on-line seminars to continue the learning process and implementation towards unconscious competence.

For more information about how to book an off-line course, contact us and we will respond within 24 hours.