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Short courses

Our short courses are a condensed version of our main multi-module courses.  They provide and overview of a specific topic and are useful for giving your team an overview of the topic in the context of the overall business environment and processes.  They all have the aim of raising awareness for the necessity to shorten the “Time to Money” and increase profit margins.

For example, the short course on New Product Development (NPD) can be used to give your team an overview of a speedy NPD process that shortens the “Time to Money”. It will cover all processes from gathering market information, developing actionable customer requirements, planning the product and the development project, identifying project risks and executing the project as fast as possible with the given resources.

Short courses are delivered in a face to face lecture style format with small exercises and access to appropriate templates and a 30-day trial of appropriate software included.  They are delivered over either one morning or  afternoon session or sometimes over a whole day in a venue of our choice or in your organisation.

For more information on the planned short courses  or booking  please view the pages for specific short courses.  If you prefer to book a course on a specific subject for delivery in your company please contact us directly and we will respond within 24 hours.